Brooks Jensen Arts

Fallen Log, Rain, Mt. Erie, Fidalgo Island, 2006

I confess, I was out photographing simply to test my new Sony DSC-R1 camera -- and saw this wonderful composition and delicate, misty light. Who cares about testing when there are photographs to be made? 

A 6.5x12.5" warm-tone image on 13x9" paper.



For a limited time, and just for fun, I'll include a print (no extra charge) from my new Panasonic G6 camera as a comparison to this one. Or just download the PDF of the image from the new camera and print it yourself. (I believe in good karma.) See the link in the update below.

Update 2013

I returned to this same location on Nov 30, 2013 with a new Panasonic G6 camera to test its cabilities. Same type of rainy, windy, foggy day, so I thought it would be a fun comparison. Here is a PDF file from that new camera as I discussed in my blog post. Feel free to download, print, and see for your self. The PDF is printable at a 15" print on 13x19" paper.