The New 100 Prints Project

A new photograph every third day, for a year.


Update 2014: The last new image— #100 — was added to this project in August 2009. It's now pushing 5 years later and thousands of you are still coming to this site to study the images. I'm flattered; I'm humbled; I'm grateful; mostly I'm surprised that what started as a lark has become so useful to so many photographers. Thanks. We are leaving it posted as is for those of you who still find it useful.

We have, however, found it necessary to update the print offering for these images for those of you who want a physical print of any of the images you find here. Here is the latest information.


Original Introduction

In 1986, I committed myself to a photography project I called The One Hundred Prints Project. It was, in essence, a motivational construct. I was embarrassed about not having any finished prints to show people when they asked to see my photographs. Being known as "a photographer," it was too revealing to have nothing to show them. I wrote about this project in LensWork #21 and also in my book Letting Go of the Camera. If you are interested, the original article is in this PDF.


This project —The New 100 Prints Project — was inspired by the first one. Again, it is a bit of a motivational construct. By committing myself to post a new image every third day for a year, I hope to push myself to create 100 new images. "Artistic discipline" is a bit of an oxymoron, but being an artist and not producing work is just plain moronic. I appreciate your helpful scrutiny (i.e., visiting this website) in this.


Why should you be interested in this project? Good question. Taking inspiration from my Vision of the Heart podcasts, I thought others might just be interested in some of the thinking behind the photographs. I loved Ansel Adams book Examples, and this is sort my homage to his contributions. Hence, the inclusion of short text and the somewhat more elaborate audio commentary that accompanies each image.


Oh, yeah, and I hope you enjoy the photographs.


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