Brooks Jensen Arts

Light, Glorious Light

From the depths of space, the Sun launches its energy pulses from every millimeter of its surface, casting bits and waves of itself in an ever-growing sphere of energy. For some 8 minutes this invisible energy traverses the cold and empty regions of space until it encounters some object that makes that energy manifest — a particle of atmospheric dust, a dusty photographer’s warm skin, or the massive, silent face of an ancient, dusty wall of rock — and suddenly there is light.



This project is available in the following formats:



Folio of 15 original prints

The fifteen images in this folio are accompanied by a 4-page, folded text signature that includes a title page, introductory text page, and a numbered colophon page. The images are pigment-on-paper, printed and signed by the photographer, with an embossed artpaper cover.

The folios are produced to archival, museum standards using an Epson 4880 on Harman Glossy Baryta paper. The folio measures 8x10.5". The images are about 7x9", but vary in size. Here is a more detailed description of a folio.

The 15-print folio is $125

( plus shipping and handling)

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Originally Published April 2014

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Originally Published May 2013 in LensWork Extended #106