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This project has 100 images so far. This image added 9 Aug 2009.
This project has 100 images so far. This image added 9 Aug 2009.
Dancing in the Face of Entropy, 2007

The laws of entropy state that everything is winding down like the last ticks of a unwound watch. The yang and yin of growth and decline dance their way through time, but entropy know that yin is 50.0001% and that yang cannot win. Or so the physicists tell us. Be that as it may, there is beauty and poignancy in the dance, even if the overarching mood is melancholy and the rubble is starting to rise.

It is so easy — I think even natural — for the end of a project to include a tinge of sadness that things are coming to a close. With only five more prints in this New 100 Prints Project yet to go, I'm already sensing the faint echoes of loss. I know this feeling; I knew it would come because it eventually has with every photographic project I've ever done. This knowledge helps. Like every other project, I've also found in this one the seeds of the next — another consistency in the art life that seems inviolable if we can be sensitive enough. There is pattern to the creative life and in that pattern we can find comfort in spite of the inevitability of cosmic — and artistic — entropy.

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