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This project has 100 images so far. This image added 21 Aug 2009.
This project has 100 images so far. This image added 21 Aug 2009.
Time, Measured in Eons, 2009

Three score and ten, we are told, is our alloted time. But experientially, there is only today, only this hour, only this moment. As artists, we grapple with this as the foundation of our creative life. Each day without engaging the creative process is a day unrecoverably lost. Each moment we are making our art, we touch the future — or at least reach for it.

The future. We photographers all strive to make our work archival so it has the chance to survive into the future. What vanity! You would think photographing a wall of rock like this would disabuse us of such absurdity. Should my work survive an amazing 500 years, it would be but a fraction of a blink in time.

We can only concluded that between the now of creation and the short, short future of our artifact lies the meaning in art. Which brings us back to me and you. Artwork exists to connect us, to leap from my here-and-now to your here-and-now. To the extent this project has accomplished this, it has been my reward for choosing a creative life. I hope it has been rewarding for you, as well. So nearing the end, let me thank you, dear reader, for walking this path of a hundred steps along side me.

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